About us

stucco jobs in Kelowna | stucco repair and stucco crack repairVF Exteriors is the company with over 10 years’ experience in exterior works in Canada and all over the world located in Kelowna, British Columbia.

We do all stucco jobs in Kelowna: residential and commercial stucco, interior and exterior stucco, stucco renovations, stucco repair and stucco crack repair, conventional stucco, exterior insulation and foam build outs, acrylic and freestyle acrylic stucco, stucco refinishing projects…

We put a little bit of a soul in all our projects and do them like that if we built them for ourselves.

stucco jobs in Kelowna | conventional stucco, exterior insulation and foam build outsDue to its unique location, both the western and eastern parts of Kelowna are experiencing a truly construction boom in recent years. Thus, the preservation of the originality of the Okanagan Valley with its orchards and vineyards is our best priority.

We provide extensive free consultations and additional advice in order to make your project look the best for you.

stucco jobs in Kelowna | acrylic stucco, freestyle acrylic stucco, stucco refinishingWe understand and respect your unique needs – after all, the house of your dreams is built once and for life – and therefore we offer for our part only the best experience and the best innovative materials and solutions that will help you make the right choice.

VF Exteriors looks forward working with you. So feel free to contact us in any convenient way.