Villa near the ski resort of Le Relais, Canada

Villa Vingt is located on an incline next to the Canadian ski resort of Le Relais.

From the top, there is a magnificent view of the Laurentian Upland and the residential quarters of Lac-Bopor. Owners are very well aware of the peculiarities of these places since they lived there for many years. Designers were inspired by the contemplation of the surrounding area and their complex terrain.

Stucco design

The first level of construction serves as its foundation; it rests on the ground and is completely turned to the north. It seems that the upper level hovers over the concrete hull of the first tier.

The layout and maximum distribution of windows provide an excellent view of the mountain scenery. Sheds extend over the outer decks. The access road below guarantees the privacy of the living spaces, despite the number of windows. Approaching the house, you can see the luxurious ceiling of white cedar wood on the top floor. This warm material, seen from under the roof, underscores the inextricable interrelation of the interiors with the environment.

The geometric lines of the hull and the choice of the positions of the windows give an amazing atmosphere, changing depending on the functions of the interior. The skylight in the dining room offers an elegant view of the treetops and allows glare of the scattered light to play on the cedar slats. The central concrete wall gives the project verticality. This house creates a strong effect of presence in the panorama of the landscape.

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