Suburban Stucco Home Marked by an Inspired Asymmetry

The Jigsaw Residence (Stucco Design) is a fascinating modern home located in Bethesda, Maryland.

Composed of uneven volumes, the crib’s exterior is highly original and appealing. According to the architects, “Jigsaw introverts itself in a continuous spatial flow around an open air courtyard carved from the home’s remains.

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Fundamental to the conception of the house is the notion of reflectivity, rendering unclear the boundaries between inside and outside. Light and space are modulated by meshing ribbons of wall and glass that form a tessellation of solid and void. The conditioning of these internal and external walls is identical. Planes of stucco exterior walls transform into plaster interior walls while passing through glass.

Clerestory glazing and window constructs are carefully sited to afford privacy to the occupants while framing and extending views through the site.” The interior design of the Jigsaw Residence is contemporary, clean and tasteful. Enjoy and tell us what you think in your comments! Feel free to contact us.

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