Residence Grands Jardins in the Canadian region of Charlevoix

The residence of Grands Jardins is located in the center of the Canadian region of Charlevoix, namely in Petit-Rivières-Saint-François, not far from the ski station.

The house stands on a mountainside, on a rocky, forested area with a view of the St. Lawrence River. One of the main problems of the project was to locate the building, combining its isolation and picturesque views, opening from the windows to the south and to the river. Since the house is located on a steep slope, passers-by can see the upper level from the street, while on the riverside three floors elegantly rise above the ground, showing a facade impressive with playing corners and glasses.

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This modern building stands out for its bold, stunning form. A wooden path connects the building with parking and gives an even more aerial view of the whole structure. No doubt, the culmination of the project is a huge overhanging living room, which, thanks to the steel structure, is literally projected onto the nearby slopes.

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On the ground floor there is a gym and an office with large windows facing the panorama of the landscape; wine cellar, merging with the stairs; studio-workshop and passage to the pool. The main entrance, to which the path leads, is at the first level. In the spacious dressing room, attached to the hall, there is a place for storing ski equipment and other items. There is also a multipurpose room with a fireplace and a children’s bedroom with a bathroom. A ladder in a red cedar tunnel invites you to climb to the second level. Light compression of the space around the staircase leads to a spacious, bright area that includes a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. Concrete flooring and steel give the interior a shade of industrial style, and the wooden floor and central fireplace soften the look of the room. In addition to the terraces, this airy level includes a master bedroom with dressing room and private bathroom.

The residence lines are extremely extreme, but the choice of material, horizontal white wood, and vertical red cedar slats unites the project and helps integrate it into the landscape.

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