House of the sun in Brazil

The House of the Sun, or Casa do Sol, is a new project by the architect David Guerra.

The private residence is located in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The area of the mansion is 600 sq.m. and it was designed specifically for a couple with two children and grandchildren.

House of the sun in Brazil (Residential Stucco)

The main requirements for the new house were a modern style, comfort, security, silence, tranquility, positive energy and respect for family traditions. Moreover, the clients wanted the residence to be above the street level and surrounded by a lush garden. It was important in the basement of the mansion to design a sauna and a studio.

The result is an open residence with panoramic windows that let in a large amount of sunlight and improve ventilation. The living and dining area has direct access to the courtyard, so on warm days, it is possible to open the sliding doors, making the terrace and garden a continuation of the living area.

House of the sun in Brazil (Residential Stucco)

The sleeping block is located in the neighborhood and also enjoys the generous streams of sunlight. Furniture and decoration were moved to a new house from the old one, which allowed to preserve family traditions, to fill the space with personal memories.

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