Family house with garden in Israel

This family house is located in a quiet residential area of Ramat HaSharon, north-east of Tel Aviv, Israel.

The main task of designers was to design a residence for a young family with four children. The customer asked for a compact structure to leave more space for the garden where children could play. The site has an elongated shape and quite significant topographic differences between the front and back yards. Therefore, there was a problem with the fulfillment of all necessary conditions and preservation of compactness. It was decided to split the building into blocks with a courtyard separating them, capable of letting in the light into the premises and breaking the monotonous unity of the facade.

Residential Stucco Exterior

The interior space is also partitioned into square rooms. On the second floor, there is a bridge that connects the main bedroom and children’s bedrooms. In addition to the interior, the garden has become an integral part of the design, forming zones with its own individual character. Between parking and construction, there is a small patio where you can drink coffee or tea, read a book.

In the children’s playroom, there is an additional patio with space for applied and artistic creativity and natural light. There are an open-air dining area and a kitchen. On the hill, there is a terrace with a view of the house and the garden.

The material palette combines all rooms and consists of white stucco, concrete, black aluminum, oak and natural stone. The choice of white determines the local climate, providing 300 sunny days per year. Therefore, in the priority material that fits easily into the environment, and also does not attract excess heat and light. Using external blinds and large openings in the north give the opportunity to enjoy the view without squinting from the bright sun.

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