Brandywine mansion for a young family (Residential Stucco)

The Brandywine mansion is located next to Rock Creek Park and gives the young family privacy, proximity to nature and developed infrastructure at the same time.

The house is made of stone, wood, and stucco – traditional materials in this region. From the street side, the mansion looks impressive and closed, however, in the backyard part we see a more fragile and stylish structure with panoramic windows.

Brandywine mansion for a young family (Residential Stucco)

The residence has an L-shape, the project is based on an outdoor terrace for relaxation with a swimming pool. In the interior, the architects adhered to a warm color scheme and open space with a clear division into zones. In the decor, we see the presence of a large number of parts from various types of wood, which in combination with granite provide a wealth of interior decoration.

Despite a large amount of glass and the relatively large size of the residence, it is quite energy efficient, and all thanks to the established modern systems.

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